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Add Security to Your Home for less than $15!

  • 100s of burglar deterrent sounds
  • Easy to use/no installation
  • Make your home sound occupied 24/7
  • Inexpensive and Effective
  • Be safe and sound for pennies!

The Safety Sounds Audio CD  
(The original Home Protection Sounds CD)

Burglar Deterrent Sounds

(Maximum Strength- Aggressive Sounds)                                                                

Simply leaving on a radio or TV all day usually doesn’t fool burglars or vandals
anymore. It may even have the opposite effect, by signaling that your home is
ripe for break-ins.
Safety Sounds CD & the new Burglar Deterrent Audio CD incorporate hundreds of convincing interior house sounds and gives the impression that someone is always home.

Secure Your Home, Order Burglar Deterrent Home Protection Now



For less than the price of a hamburger and a coke you get an easy-to-use system

  • Features “aggressive” sounds that act as a deterrent (eg. emergency phone dialing,
    knife sharpening, man’s voice, windows opening, dog growling)
  • Hundreds of digitally recorded deterrent sounds on an easy to use universal audio CD
  • Conveys a natural “audio traffic-pattern” flow via sound events from each room of the
    house, including the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom   


The Sounds of Safety
For Travelers and Professionals who work outside the home, or for Seniors and Family members who spend hours home alone, Safety Sounds:

  • Fills your home with a live "presence" audio, digitally mastered and equalized to be convincing
  • Communicates an occupied home with typical home sounds (with realistic silences) that don't come across as repeated or recorded
  • Can be played randomly or progressively in any CD player
  • Delivers state of the art digitally recorded 41khz 16 bit Stereo CD Quality

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